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Jorja @ 30 months (above)

This is my gorgeous girl Jorja. A Midas/Hope daughter.

To say I was proud of this girl is an understatement. She was the apple of my eye but unfortunately I lost Jorja in Jan 2011 as a result of her being born with a bladder abnormality which in the end was inoperable. She blessed me with her daughter Paige so I will always have a part of her and she will live on through her and the other pups in the litter.

Jorja was a dark grey sable which is my fav colour in the breed.

I hope through her daugher Paige to produce more of this wonderful colour in the future.

Jorja will always be very special to me as I had a wonderful bond with her and I will always be incredibly proud to have bred this special girl.

The following poem is a perfect translation of my relationship with Jorja.... Thank you to Elaine for allowing me to use it.

Faithful eyes are smiling
Full of love and fun
As soon as mine met yours
I knew you were the one

Faithful eyes are learning
More knowing by the day
Taking everything in
Alert to all I say

Faithful eyes are watching
Poised, ready to defend
Sounding all who cross my path
My loyal, trusted friend

Faithful eyes run like the wind
Blink in the pouring rain
Turning and checking, a few more steps
Then turning and checking again

Faithful eyes are patient
A shadow by my side
As night time falls around me
My protector and my guide

Faithful eyes are tired now
Peacefully they stare
I cannot hear your footsteps
But I know that you are there

Faithful eyes look down on me
Lost in my despair
Aching just to walk with you
Another moment to share

I miss your breath, moist on my skin
I miss that look so wise
But more than anything else, I miss
Those gentle, faithful eyes

Author: Elaine Tracey

Hip score - 4:8 = total 12

Inbreeding Coefficient = 0.9%

Click here to see Jorja's Pedigree




Jorja at 14 months old (above)

Midas & Jorja

Father and Daughter - Midas and Jorja (above)

Her and her sister Morgan are the first pups i have bred that i've kept back for myself.



Jorja enjoying her first experiences with snow Feb 2009 (above)

Midas & Jorja

Father & Daughter .. both like being out in the snow
Jorja at 12 months old (above)



(above) Jorja @ 6 months


I will add more info & photo's to Jorja's page over the coming months



(Above) Jorja at 10 weeks old

(Above) Jorja at 6 weeks old

Jorja had her 1st, and only litter on 28th August 2010 -I kept a pup back from this litter

Jorja & Pups

Jorja & Babies

11 days