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Paige is Jorja's daughter and is the first pup I have ever bred myself from two Gentlebears parents and I couldn't be prouder of her. Her father is the gorgeous Tiger who was bred here in 2008.

Paige had her 2nd litter in 2014 and again proved herself a wonderful mummy



Inbreeding Coefficient = 1.1%

*** Hip Score = 4:3 Total 7 ***

*** Elbow Score = 0/0 ***

*** DM Tested - Clear***


Paige is a very alert girl that loves to work and be kept busy. She is very biddable and eager to please. She is incredibly fast and agile and I swear some racehorse & kangaroo got mixed in there somewhere. Nothing ever wears this girl out !

She has developed so many of her mothers traits and mannerisms and I take great comfort in having her with me.

She is Jorja's girl through and through and I have high hopes for her.

Paige 11 months (above)


paige paige

She is a very alert young lady that loves to be active and please.... and is very mischievous!



Paige's truly stunning mum Jorja & smoldering dad Tiger - both bred here at Gentlebears

Jorja Tiger