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Taylor 2016

Taylor is now retired.

Now what to say about Taylor... One thing for sure she is definitely her fathers daughter!

She has matured into a stunning girl and I am so very proud of her.


She has produced 4 stunning litters for me . Below with her last in 2015 from which I kept back a little girl to continue her mum's line on x

Taylor & Pups

She loved nothing more than being a mum and she was superb at it. She now gets to be granny to future pups in her retirement :)



Taylor was bred by my friend Shirley Smith.
I didn't intend to have a pup from this litter but she was a gorgeous baby so I ended up buying her.

Taylor is a gentle, loving soul and her fav thing is cuddles and looking after pups.

Fantastic guarding instincts and pics up on the slightest sound out of place.

Taylor has proven herself to be a natural mum to both her own pups and any of the pups we have had to other females.

Hip score - 10:5

DM Tested - Carrier of one mutant gene only (will only be allowed to go to males tested clear)

Inbreeding Coefficient = 2.5%


Taylor with her usual smiley face (above)


Taylor @ 8 months (above)


Taylor @ 10 months (above)

Sleepy Taylor

Sleepy Taylor (above)


Taylor is Midas's daughter. Her mother is a beautiful white girl called Polar owned by Shirley Smith.

She was a VERY confident little lady and kept us all on our toes here.

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(above) Taylor @ 9 weeks old


(above) Taylor @ 8 weeks old

Taylor is 1/2 sister to my girls Morgan & Jorja.

Jorja & TaylorJorja & Taylor

(above) Jorja & Taylor @ 10 weeks

Taylor had her 1st litter on 10th April 2011 and was blessed with some gorgeous baby bears.


Taylor's Babies


Taylor & Baby

in May 2012 Taylor had her 2nd litter of 12 beautiful baby bears..

Taylor & pups

Taylors 2014 pups...(below)


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