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Dogs for Re homing

Occasionally I am asked to help with re homing a dog. On this page you will find details of any currently looking for a home or if I retire any of my own. If you would be interested in homing an older dog please let me know and i'll let you know if i can help.



Please also check out the two rescue's detailed below!



I am proud to be a volunteer with the GSDR and have seen some gorgeous dogs be rehomed through this wonderful rescue. I am now also able to microchip them if they don't have one already to hopefully ensure they never end up in rescue again.

There are always many lovely GSD's in need of loving homes and some TLC at the rescue - so is one of the best places to look if you wish to adopt a GSD.

The German Shepherd Dog Rescue have listings for dogs nationwide.

For more info on dogs available in your area, please visit the GSDR website



As people that know me will tell you I hate the thought of any of my dogs ending up in rescue. Sadly, on one occasion one of my girls did. However, am pleased to report that Crystal will be staying with her foster family now so she's safe, well and happy......
Crystal was helped through the German Shepherd Rescue South charity Hampshire - and they have my deepest thanks

If there is anyone out there that can help this worthy charity with either donations (every penny counts) just click on donations button on their web site. You can also help by offering foster care etc please get in touch with Carol at the rescue if you can help. Click on banner below




Taking on any adult dog can be quite an undertaking and should not be entered into lightly.

Basically I would say, if in any doubt, don't do it! ...It is simply not fair on the dog should you change your mind.

That being said, if you are sure you know that this is the right option for you and you can put the time and effort in, then it can be very rewarding for both you and the dog you adopt.

Please see below for one of many success stories ..


We got Helga (our new name for her) from Lesley on September 16th 2008 after an evening of compatibility testing between her and our other rescue GSD, Helmut, at Lesley's house. She was not the prettiest of sights when we got her as she had blown her coat and looked somewhat disheveled - the trauma of losing her first home we think.

As with all re-homed and rescue dogs, it has taken time, clear boundaries, patience and a lot of love to get her thoroughly settled into our pack and confident about her place in it. She is still work in progress, as is Helmut. They are, after all, boisterous GSD's who given an inch would take a mile, but they are a true delight to have around and their trainer, Janet, is very pleased with their progress.
She also observed that Helga is naturally the more obedient and biddable of the two dogs. Friends too have commented on how relaxed,calm and happy Helga has become.

Helga is now a stunningly beautiful, happy, affectionate girl who loves us, Helmut and the cats to pieces. She is such a looker and has such an expressive face that we have to be very careful that she doesn't steal all the limelight and attention from Helmut. The owners and the staff of the kennels that we use when we have to go away are besotted with her.

To anyone considering taking a re-homed dog from Lesley we would say, if you have the time and space to give proper attention to their care, discipline and training, go for it. It will be hard work but the rewards that you get are immeasurable. We wouldn't part with Helga for the World.

Lynne Joyce & Garrath Earnshaw.


There are always many lovely GSD's in need of loving homes and some TLC - one of the best places to look if you wish to adopt such a dog is the German Shepherd Dog Rescue as they have listings for dogs nationwide. For more info please visit their website