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Midas at 10

Midas at 10 years old (Above)

Diesel's son Midas, who continued on the GentleBears bloodline.

I'm sorry to announce Midas has passed over rainbow bridge.

Midas was a truly stunning dark gold sable boy, in his prime 62kg and was a true pleasure to share life with. He touched so many people and his offspring will continue his legacy, and that of his father Diesel.

Thank you my baby bear xxxx


Hips 3:6 (scored at 1 year old)

DM Tested - Clear

Haemophilia tested clear

Inbreeding Coefficient = 0.6%

Clear eye certificate (done at 2 years old)

Elbow score: 3 (scored at 4.5 years old)


Midas at 7 years (above)


Midas inherited his father's laid back, gentle temperament as well as his bone. But also has his mother's love of play and cheekyness. A pleasure to have around as he loves his cuddles and is a comic and can always make me smile :o)

The puppies he sired were superb and he has done me and his father proud. He produced a consistant 'type' and all pups have hadstunning looks, bone & have sound temperaments.

Colours of pups sired : Black, White, Gold sable, Dark sable, Black & silver, Black & gold, Blue sable, Blue & cream, Solid Blue, Cream Sable, Bi-Colour & Silver sable.



Click here to see Midas's Pedigree


Baby Midas (above)


Midas Jan 09



Midas at 2 years old (Above)

Midas with a couple of his pups from 1st ever litter (above)

Below is a photo of Diesel (left of photo) with Midas's Dam Asha.. as you can see she is a substantial female...


and below is Midas's gorgeous sister Tayce (left of photo) with mum Asha ...

Tayce & Asha

Lots of photo's below so you can see how Midas has changed as he's matured

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Above pictured at 16 months

Pictured above at 15 months

Above - Midas as daddy with his son Chewy from Nov 2007 litter :o)

Pictured above at 11 months

Pictured above at 6 months

He won two rosettes at his first show (WALCSS) on 20th Aug, and one at his second WALCSS show on 27th Aug- well done Midas !

He seems to be a natural !

Thank you to Sue of Ballynabola for taking the show photo below.

Please note - It has come to my attention that some people were being less than polite about my lovely boy as a result of his elbow score. I would like to point out that Midas's elbow score was done in June 2011 when he was almost 5 years old!. X-rays taken in December 2010 (appeal review in June 2011) not at 12 months old like most and I have made no secret of his results. I did appeal the score at the time as both myself and my vet were astounded by the score and to this day feel that they mis read something on the xray. In their opinion (one is a bone specialist) the x-rays did not show Midas as having any form of ED. They did write to the BVA when the appeal went in, for clarificaton on what exactly was found to warrant this score. The chief scruitineer wrote back a letter to explain that the score of 3 was simply result of one area on the elbows. Snippet of letter... "The size of the periarticular osteophyte on the proximal aspect of aconeal process is responsible for the score in this case. "No other significant radiological changes were seen". 134 of Midas's 139 progeny were sired before the scores were finalised. True ED is hereditory and I have been advised by my vet as a general rule comes on between 4 months and 12 months of age when the pup is going through it's major growth stages....all of Midas's progeny are now between 2 and 6 years old and are physically sound. Midas is sound and has never suffered with lameness at any point in his life and is now almost 8 years old.. I would also like to point out that One of his daugters, and two of his grandchildren have been scored and all have 0 elbow score (Paige being one of them). Midas's sister also has 0 elbows. My vet is confident that Midas does not have clinical ED and have put this in writing for me... and I am confident in his knowledge. .


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