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My Gorgeous Bears....

I have been blessed with wonderful dogs with superb looks and wonderful temperaments. Please click on photo's below to find out more about them.

Recently the kennel club released a scheme called 'Mate Select' which is a simple tool to not only show an individual dogs genetic diversity but also to allow breeders to calculate the diversity of a planned litter between two dogs. So now you will see information on each of my dogs individual page's regarding their 'inbreeding coefficient' score, which indicates the chances that a dog will have inherited the same copies of genes, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, from it's parents. Obviously the lower the inbreeding coefficient, the lower the probability (risk) that this will happen. **Please note however that this system does not take in to account any health issues carried within bloodlines, it simply provides a snap shot on how closely related a dog is and any resulting litter will be**

To find out more information on this scheme please visit the Kennel Club website HERE

The current breed average Inbreeding coefficient is 3.1%. As you will see, all of my home bred dogs & Stud dogs used are well under that.

The Girls:


Dixie (Taylors Daughter)


Cleo (Jorja's Granddaughter)





The Boys:







Quinn (Above) now on loan but still available to external females


Gone from my sight but never from my heart...

Diesel (above) the very first Gentlebear. Always a bit of this boy in every bear cub. Never forgotten xxx
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